PV-Prosumers4Grid (PVP4Grid) is an EU-funded project involving 12 partners from various European countries, beginning in October 2017 and running until March 2020. The main objective of PVP4Grid is to increase the market share and market value of PV by enabling consumers to become PV prosumers in a system-friendly manner. PVP4Grid aims at a better power system integration of PV with a focus on market integration. New management and business models to combine PV, storage, flexible demand and other technologies into a commercially viable product, will be assessed, improved, implemented and evaluated. To achieve this, detailed guidelines for Prosumers and Distributed System Operators (DSO´s), as well as policy recommendations for national and European policy makers on how to achieve the suitable regulatory framework for prosumption, will be developed. Additionally, an online tool to help prosumers to get an economic assessment of PV prosumer projects will be created.

Becquerel Institute is a key partner of the PVProsumer4Grid project. Conceived as a continuation of the successful PV LEGAL, PV GRID and PV Financing projects, PVProsumer4Grid researches self-consumption policies aiming at supporting the development of distributed PV. The project is financed by the Horizon2020 framework and has officially started in October 2017.