VIPERLAB aims to accelerate the perovskite PV development in Europe by fostering collaborations between academia and industry as well as facilitating and coordinating access to the best EU-based perovskite research infrastructures.

The End-of-Year Update of the European PV Market Report is Out!

The Becquerel Institute has just released the second edition of its European PV Market Report, which is an update of the first edititon released earlier this year. In this update, a first overview of market trends in 2021 in Europe are given, together with projections until 2025. Moreover, this report provides a detailed analysis of…
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True cost of Solar Hydrogen

Green hydrogen will be an essential part of the future 100% sustainable energy and industry system. Up to one-third of the required solar and wind electricity would eventually be used for water electrolysis to produce hydrogen, increasing the cumulative electrolyzer capacity to about 17 TWel by 2050. The key method applied in this research is a…
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Terawatt scale PV by 2050 and Competition for Minerals: Copper & Silver

The role of the deployment of solar PV systems in possibly triggering competition for silver and copper supply, in the frame of a terawatt scale market, is presented in this paper, including the methodology implemented to determine it. Possible strategies to reduce the risk of competition, such as increasing the contribution of secondary production in…
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PaVing the way for the Energy Transition: opportunities and challenges under Desert conditions – slides

June 29th, 2021 WEBINAR PaVing the Way for the Energy Transition Opportunities & Challenges Under Desert Conditions Slides Session 1 : PV in the Global Energy Transition Keynote : Francisco Boshell – IRENA : A bright solar energy future: global high-quality PV markets : slides Panelist : Christian Breyer – LUT : slides Panelist :…
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