Becquerel Institute

Empowering Companies to Embrace the Solar PV-driven Energy Revolution

Applied Research

We research how to enhance the role of solar PV in the energy transition: this spans through policies, economics, technology for PV, BIPV, storage, electric mobility, smart buildings and more.

 Operational Advisory Services

We provide strategic advice to actors of the PV and energy sectors on PV Markets, Competitiveness, Industry and Technology. We support EPC and developers in their PV implementation activities.

Support the PV Ecosystem

We support National, European and International organisations by providing intelligence, support for influence and excellence in communication

True cost of Solar Hydrogen

Green hydrogen will be an essential part of the future 100% sustainable energy and industry system. Up to one-third of the required solar and wind electricity would eventually be used[…]

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Terawatt scale PV by 2050 and Competition for Minerals: Copper & Silver

The role of the deployment of solar PV systems in possibly triggering competition for silver and copper supply, in the frame of a terawatt scale market, is presented in this[…]

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Webinar : PaVing the way for the Energy Transition: opportunities and challenges under Desert conditions

June 29th, 2021 WEBINAR PaVing the Way for the Energy Transition Opportunities & Challenges Under Desert Conditions 3 SESSIONS : PV IN THE GLOBAL ENERGY TRANSITION BIFACIAL MODULES AND THE[…]

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The European PV market Report is out !

The Becquerel Institute experts’ team has finalized the first edition of our European PV Market Report. This report provides a detailed analysis available to date on both established and emerging[…]

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Who are we?

We are a privately-owned Belgian company founded in 2014 providing a hybrid service of high-quality consultancy and non-for-profit research focused on the role of solar PV in the energy revolution. This spans through neighbouring sectors such as the building and transport sectors, including storage, green hydrogen and more. Our team of researchers and consultants has a wide experience in the PV sector, completed by partners and external consultants. Together, we empower companies and organisations to embrace the energy transition.
Becquerel Institute provides research, strategic advisory services and due diligence to private companies as well as to public and institutional organisations in the field of renewable energies, and Photovoltaic (PV) electricity in particular. It provides advisory excellence by combining a recognised high quality internal expertise with a global network of PV experts around the globe.

Our Customers & Partners

Since its inception in 2014, Becquerel Institute supported companies in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa. We provide intelligence to electric utilities, energy majors, PV production companies, developers, consulting companies, governmental organisations, trade bodies, international organisations and more.
Our research partners are active in key European and African countries. Our network of experts and information providers covers a large part of the world, with a focus on established and promissing solar PV markets.
Until now, Becquerel Institute has proudly served its customers, delivering the expected information and providing quality information.
We are proud of a 100% succesful track record with our customers.

Our Vision

Fostering the Energy Revolution Towards a Solar-powered Sustainable Society

Solar PV offers a unique opportunity to transform the world in which we live: constant cost reductions and technology improvement have brought PV on the brink of absolute competitiveness. We work towards reducing costs and barriers for PV development and ensure PV electricity will drive the energy revolution in buildings, transports and industrial processes. We believe in a societal change where renewable energy could levelize inequalities, improve the quality of life of billions and ensure a sustainable living for future generations. 
Becquerel institute has been created to support companies and organisations to better embrace the energy revolution, by understanding better the advantages of PV development. We also support governments and organisations to accelerate the adoption of renewables.

Our mission consists in paving the way for a 100% sustainable energy future, in Europe and globally.

Our Values


Satisfaction of our clients is our best advertisement. We guarantee our customers the highest quality work and a total committment to the achievement of the defined objectives.


We strongly believe that the energy revolution needs innovation, but not only on technical aspects: we must give a chance to new business practices and to pioneer minds.


We are paving the way to a solar-led energy revolution which will be the cornerstone of the change towards a sustainable and equitable society.


We only select projects that are coherent with our vision and values. We guarantee a total independecy  in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Our Team

If you want to contact our team by mail :

Gaëtan Masson

Founder and Managing Director

Monica Aleman

Head of Research & Innovation

Philippe Macé

Head of Strategy & Analytics

Gregory Neubourg

Head of Operations

Laura Azpilicueta

Head of Global Sales & Business Development

Deborah Parmentier

Office Manager

Elina Bosch


Adrien Van Rechem

Junior Analyst

Eloïse Taurel


A bit of History 

Becquerel Institute was founded in 2014 and is named after Mr. Edmond Alexandre Becquerel.
In 1839, Becquerel created the world’s first photovoltaic cell. In this experiment, silver chloride was placed in an acidic solution and illuminated while connected to platinum electrodes, generating voltage and current. Today the “Becquerel Effect” is better known as the “photovoltaic effect”.
Exactly 200 years later, PV covers more than 3% of the world electricity demand, a number expected to rise faster in the coming years and decades.